Photos from my Trip Out West in '93

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Corn Palace
This is a photo of the famous Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. All of the artwork on both the outside and the inside of the building is made totally from corn. The pictures are changed every so often. This is a very interesting place and is well worth a stop if you're in the area.
Corn palace art work
More of the intricate artwork made from corn on the outside of the Corn Palace.
Old school room
An old school room that is in one of the many restored building in the "1880 Western Town" located just off route #90 in South Dakota. The movie "Dances with Wolves" was filmed in this town and many of the items from that movie are on display here.
Old church
Another of the buildings in the "1880 Western Town" This one had not been restored at the time of this photo. The buildings in the town have been collected from all over South Dakota and moved to this location to represent what a late 1800s town may have looked like.
Wells Fargo office
An antique desk in a Wells Fargo office. There was also a jail cell in this same room where prisoners were once kept.
Covered wagon
This was one of the wagons that was used in the filming of the movie "Dances with Wolves"
Mount Rushmore
This is Mount Rushmore and the most amazing part of the story about the forming of these faces is the fact that the faces were formed mostly with dynamite blasts and very little finish stone carving. The other thing I noticed was the large rubble pile under the carvings. You would think that they could have at least cleaned up their mess?
Wind River
Looking down through the "Wind River Valley" as you drive south from the town of Thermopolis, Wyoming on route #20. The valley or canyon is just wide enough for the river with the road on one side of it and a railroad track on the other side of it.
Wind River valley
Another view looking down the "Wind River Valley" as you drive south towards Shoshoni, Wyoming.
Dubois, WY shop
The western town of Dubois, Wyoming that is in the high desert country off route 26.
Dubois WY tackle shop
This is the main street in the town of Dubois, Wyoming. Note the giant fishing pole on the right side of the photo that is in front of a fishing tackle shop. It was made from a telephone pole and an electric cable spool. Looks like they may have needed something that big to catch a fish that size?

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