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Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our Proposed Colorado Log Cabin

Colorado Cabin Plans

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This shows the front and left side of the cabin frame along with the porches on 3 sides.



Interior view of center log wall and loft joists.




This is a view of the front porch supports.




This shows the side porch supports.




This inside view shows the support posts for the ridge beam.




This shows the downstairs layout.




This is how the floor plan would look with furnishings.  It appears quite open and there is a large walk-through closet in the

bedroom, a double door pantry cabinet in the laundry area and a large closet under the stairs.  This floor plan provides a

circular air flow through the rear of the cabin.  The "X"s on top of the inner wall mark the upper floor joist's locations

and the ones on the outside walls mark the roof rafter's locations.




Downstairs bathroom / laundry area



Deck attachment to cabin shown here.




Side porch framing is shown here.




Front deck framing is shown here.




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