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Heading out in mid June

Arriving on the lot in Colorado

Starting in June to dig out the hole for the foundation of the cabin

Taking time out for a hike up Raspberry mountain

Cut in a driveway to the cabin site

Installed the required culvert at the road

The foundation hole is getting bigger in July...

...and the rocks are getting bigger also

Steam train passing by on it's daily run over the mountain

Elk making a morning visit to our lot

Elk herd crossing the main road in the park

The rock has become a slab of rock at about 3 feet down in August

Time out for another hike up Napoleon Mountain

Bull elk gathering up his harem in the meadow out in front of the lot

One of the many pretty sunrises

Tractor ran out of steam and I had to resort to a BIG jackhammer in mid August

Hauling rock from the hole

First snow fall on September 12th

Finished hole and trenches for the footers on September 21st

Second snowfall on September 22nd put a temporary halt to the work


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