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Tarp back over work area and ready to do some more blocks.

Jim working on row ten.

Buck visiting our lot in the early morning.

Lot with two campers, truck and tarp over work area.

Got our new scaffolds which makes for safer working at higher levels.

Row 15 done on 2 sides with a top bond beam left to go on those sides.

Two windows on the east wall of the basement / garage.

Working on row 14 on the west wall.

Framed out the left garage door which is 8' wide and 8 1/2' tall.

Put a bond beam above the door and filled it with concrete and 3 pieces of 5/8" rebar.

One of the many colorful sunrises that we get to see.

Installed window frames in the basement/garage.

Final row of blocks going in above left garage door.

Another pretty sunrise.

Final row of blocks half way across the east wall. Progress has slowed down due
to some heavy rains as August is the rainy month out here.

Old steam train blowing smoke as it comes around the horseshoe loop in front of our lot.



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