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Center beam in place with a steel I-beam support under it.

Finally getting the 2 x 12 floor joists put in place.

The floor joists are installed and we're ready for the sub floor.

A early morning visit from a 6x6 Bull Elk.

Sub-floor 3/4" OSB decking is installed and being painted.

Two coats of gray porch & deck enamel on the floor and brown stain on the rim joists.

Jim and 3 neighbors (Lou, Raymond and Sharon) cover the deck with 6 mil plastic and a tarp.

French drain installed and waterproofing put on lower blocks.

First snow on the day that the garage doors are finished but we only got 1"...

...the mountain tops got a bit more.

Two garage windows are installed.

Temporary wooden door sills are installed till the concrete floor is poured next year.


The End...

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