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Logs are being delivered June 22nd.

Support posts installed in basement/garage.

Buck visiting our lot in the early morning.

Tarp is off the floor and the deck seams are caulked against the rains
that are sure to come as soon as I start laying logs.

The end of June and the Columbine is in bloom.

Made a fork truck out of the tractor to lift the logs and cut the logs on.

Scaffolds, some wood and an electric hoist and we have a rig
on wheels to lift and move the logs to the top of the 12' walls.

Now we start cutting the logs with a  tongue...

...and a groove so they will fit together.

The first log is hoisted into place on July first.

The front wall is started...

...along with the one side and the back.

The base row of logs are set in place and ready to build on.
Only 12 more rows to go to complete the walls.

Left side and half of the front have 3 rows.

Finished 3rd row of logs and laid out window openings.
Next row will start showing window openings.

Nice rainbow just before a big thunder storm.



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