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Notch cut for the center wall.

Corner joints notched and foam filled.

End joints tongue and groove and foam filled.

Bringing home temporary porch posts from neighbor's lot.

Temporary porch posts installed and holding up a 8' log extension
 that will hold up the porch roof. Temporary spreader installed to
keep logs straight. Row 12 started on front wall.

Log for the rear 2' overhang is time consuming as there are
 2 notches plus having to cut the grooves off of the overhang.

Front view with Row 12 completed... one more row to go.

Row 13 on the back wall with the 2' overhang and started on right wall.

Morning sunrises are starting to get colorful.

Row 13 completed... the exterior log walls are done.

Started the interior wall and have 4 rows of logs up.

Interior wall up to 7 rows... two more rows and the second floor joists go in.

Another colorful sunrise.

Dug 16 holes for the footers of the wrap around porch posts.

Sixteen sonotubes installed and waiting for the cement.  These footers will
support the deck on 3 sides of the cabin and the roof over the decks.

Rebar cut and ready to drop into cement when poured.



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