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A morning visit from some elk.

Sixteen tubes filled with cement at 7 AM on 8/24/11.

Propane tank pad near the bottom of driveway.

Pad finished off all nice and smooth...

...and then a little critter tracked through it.

Started framing the front deck with 6x6 posts and 2x8 framing.

The deck posts are treated and notched to match up with the upper posts
that will bolt on to support the porch roof.

Base plates hold the posts off the concrete and bolt into the concrete.

This gives you an idea of how high the front deck will be off the ground
as I'm 5' 8".

Front deck framed and ready to start on the side decks.

Left side deck framing completed and ready to start on the right side.

Right side deck frame completed. Now back to the inside log wall ...
two more rows of log and I can get the loft floor joists installed.

Row 9 finished on the inside wall, now to the floor joists.

Three 4x10 floor joists installed over the downstairs bedroom.

The rest of the rear floor joists are installed.

The support beam and post are in place to hold the floor joists
 for the loft over the kitchen.

2x6 tongue & groove spruce decking started for 2nd floor.



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