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Another pretty September sunrise.

Upper floor down and ready to cover with plastic.

3 of 6 joists installed for the loft over the kitchen.

Loft joists finished and ready for decking.

Decking going down on loft above kitchen.

View of kitchen ceiling under the loft.

Leaving the sawmill with a load of 14 to 18 foot 6x6 and 6x10 timbers
 for the porch roof supports.

Getting home with a load of thirty 24 foot 4x10 rafters and a 24 and 18 foot
piece of 6x12 for the ridge beam. I've had to hire a few people to help get the
roof up as the building season is nearing the end. They should start this week.
The nights have been close to or at freezing temps so snow could come anytime.

Iving and Chief spent Saturday morning cutting the thirty 4"x10"x24 foot
rafters for the roof and finished just before the rain came.

The rear gable wall is framed out in two pieces.

Front and rear gable walls completed with sheathing and ready to go up.

Cutting tongues off the top row of logs so gables and rafters can be installed.

Bull elk keeping his herd together during an early morning visit.

Rented a 54' high reach fork truck to raise roof and large timbers.

Iving & Luke setting the front 6" x 10 1/2" x 24' beam. I'm running the
 fork truck and letting the younger men do the high climbing.

Iving, Luke, Joe & Chief setting the 6" x 12" x 42' two piece ridge beam.



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