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Gable walls in place and the rafters are almost completed.
Luke setting top of rafters from up on the ridge beam.

Rafters installed after a busy Saturday. Fall colors are coming out.

Iving came back to do the final fit and trim of the rafters with his chain saw.

I started putting down the roof decking with some help from a neighbor.
Nice to have someone else around when you're working up high.

The fall colors are in full bloom as the aspens are wearing their golden leaves.

I got the decking on the right side of the roof  half done and the left side
three quarters done before we had our first big rain.  The 2 or 3  weeks
of dry fall weather sure was nice after all the summer rains.

So much for getting the roof on before the snow flies!  Our first snow was
 2 to 3 inches on Friday, October 6th.  Saturday brought 6 more inches then
some light snow on Sunday.  Next week looks like better weather so maybe
we can get the roof finished then...

The roof is snow covered today but hopefully will melt off by Monday
 when my work crew returns to finish the roof.

Iving and Joe showed up Monday morning. Iving shoveled off the roof and
we started working.  The T&G decking was finished by lunch time...

...and the afternoon saw most of the right side of the roof boxed in with 2x6
for the closed cell spray foam that will go in on Wednesday over the living
area only.  There is no reason to insulate over the porches.

On Tuesday we finished boxing in the right side of the roof, boxed in
 the left side of the roof...

...and closed in the areas between the rafters inside of the cabin.

1 x 8 rough cut fascia boards going up on the front of the cabin.

Closed cell spray foam being applied to the roof.

Roof foam almost done and 2 rows of OSB started at the bottom.

OSB completed on the right side of the roof Wednesday.

Thursday we finished the OSB.  Tomorrow the metal goes on.



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