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Arrived on lot June 4th.

Steam train passing by lot.

Morning visit from some elk. I counted 88 of them.

I sold our fifth-wheel trailer and solar panels to a neighbor down the road.

I bought a load of treated decking and started on the west side of the cabin.

West side deck completed but then my back went out.  I had a herniated
disc at L-5 that was pressing on my sciatic nerve and creating severe pain
in my right leg and foot.

Camper set up on lot in front of cabin and hooked up to the septic system.

One of my new neighbors who had just purchased a lot about 1/2 mile
from me came up with a proposition.  If I would push his driveway into
his lot, pull the stumps out and spread the stone then he and his son in
exchange would come up and put down the rest of my decking for me.
Driving my tractor wasn't bad on my back so I agreed to it and we
exchanged labor which worked out great for both of us.

Front deck almost finished. Just one more row to fit around the posts.

East facing side deck finished and starting the top railing.

Decking on 3 sides and the top railing is ready to be capped.  The front steps
will go into the opening where the ladder is standing.

Railing being capped with a 2" x 8.5" top plate by Jim and 2 helpful
neighbors, Rob and Dave.

Pretty rainbow came out after a brief shower.

Pretty fall colors in mid September viewed from our lot. We loaded the
camper onto the truck and headed up to Denver on September 25th so
Jim could have back surgery on the 26th. Surgery went well and
corrected the herniated disc.  We spent a 2 week recovery period
with  Elaine's brother and his wife up in  Evergreen, Colorado
before  heading back east on October 8th.


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