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Ran the weed eater around the cabin and the camper.

Gave our sign a fresh coat of paint.

Using a power tamper to pack down the stone road base in the garage.

Half inch rebar on a 3 foot grid ready for the 4 inch concrete floor.

Thirty-five foot conveyor truck backed into left side of garage.

Pouring the concrete with a hand held control box.

Leveling out the concrete.

Using a vibrating screed to smooth out the surface.

Floating the surface with a long handled aluminum float.

Pouring the right side of the garage floor.

Getting near the end of the nine and a half yard concrete pour.

Using the vibrating screed on the last section of the floor.

Smoothing the edges with a hand trowel while on concrete skis.

Finishing the door sills after removing the top of the forms. 
This created a 3/4" step up to the garage floor.

Using the power trowel to finish the floor.  The floor slopes 1" toward
 the doors so it will drain out if the vehicles track winter snow in there.



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