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Finished garage floor 6 days after pouring has lightened in color.

Windows were delivered so I got the first one framed out today.

Milgard triple pane vinyl casement windows with a lifetime warranty.

Now its starting to look like a cabin.  Only 12 more windows to go.

Notched the top log with the chainsaw for the kitchen window.

Installed the window frame and caulked around it...

...and installed the window with a bed of caulking under it.

Now there are two windows installed, only 11 more to go.
 The door frame is tied to the porch rail and will get installed
after I go get the door knobs and lock sets for them.

Bracing the log timber to be cut from front window holes.

Window hole opened and ready for window frame.

Trimming up the second window hole with the chainsaw.

Two 48" x 60" Fixed pane windows installed in the front of the cabin

One 36" x 48" casement window installed on the west side of the cabin.

Two windows now installed on the west side of the cabin.

The easy windows were done off the porches, now for the hard ones.
The back window is 15 feet off the ground.

Set up two sets of scaffold that is 13 feet high and uncovered window hole.

Window installed with help from a neighbor who doesn't like heights.
That finishes the downstairs windows. Seven done and 6 left to do.



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