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Pretty rainbow after a short rain storm.

There are about 30 elk down by the railroad tracks this evening.

Looks like the elk spent the night as there are 60 or more scattered
around the camper this morning...

...and in the meadow out in front of the camper.

A summer hail storm dumped some nickel sized hail stones on us.

One of the plastic roof vents on the camper got damaged by the hail.

Set up a jig with my 16 and a quarter inch beam saw to cut siding from
some leftover logs. Got a neighbor to help me as one person had
to run the saw as the other pushed the logs through the saw.

Three hours of work turned out just over 100 feet of 1" siding.

A neighbor loaned us a high reach fork truck for the weekend so we could
install the siding on the rear gable end of the cabin. Dan and I working
high up in the air as Rob runs the fork truck and helps out.

Monday morning and the rear of the cabin is closed in with the 2 windows
installed upstairs. Time to take the fork truck back to the neighbor.

Time for a little R&R so I took a Saturday off work to ride up Mount Blanca
with a neighbor in his jeep.  It really was a fun ride.

The 6 or 7 mile ride took about 4 hours each way as it was a slow going.

Lots of rocks to crawl over and around. It looks like we're 3 wheeling
rather that 4 wheeling. 146 pictures from the trip are posted at:

The view at the end of the road is a waterfall coming down off the mountain.
The hiking trail starts here and switchbacks up to the 14,345 foot summit.



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