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Enough fun for a while, I need to get back to work and get the front gable finished.

Removed the plywood from the gable so I can get started on the log siding.

About half way done with the siding on the front gable.

Siding is finished and we are ready to install the windows.

A neighbor came up and helped me set the four windows in place.
That was the last of the 13 windows, now to start on the two doors.

Got the front door installed today, one more door to go.

Fiberglass front door with 6 small windows looks good.

Getting the frame installed for the side doors.

Side doors are installed, now to get the final adjustments made and
install the lock sets.

Lock sets are installed and the blinds between the glass work great.

Caulked the siding on the front gable, now ready for window trim and stain.

Front steps are made from 4x10 spruce and will have dadoes and screws.
The tabs on the steps will fit in the dadoes on the side rails.

Step side rails showing the blind dadoes that will help support the steps.
Now to get all the pieces stained before the assembly.

Rough cut 1x5 trim out the front window. You can see where I've started to
sand down the front wall to remove some of the dark fading of the logs to
help it match the new siding above a little better.

Front two lower windows trimmed out. You can see where the left half of
the front wall and a little area around the right window has been sanded.



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