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Work crew arrived at 9:30 and steps were installed by2:30. It sure is nice
to have helpful neighbors.

Another milestone, front steps are in place. The lower footers, posts
and hand rails will wait till next year as time is running out this year.
Now to get the rest of the windows trimmed out and a coat of
stain on the wood.

Our cabin is our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The steam train is back in operation so I guess the fire ban has been lifted.

September seems to be the month that we get a lot of beautiful sunrises.

The front and the west side of the cabin are sanded and ready to stain.

Morning of Sept 23, two days into fall and we got our first snow on
Mount Blanca last night.

The east side of the cabin is sanded and ready to stain.

The first coat of stain is on the east side of the cabin.  The chinking will
get put in next year after a second coat of stain is applied.

Staining the front peak with the loaned use of a neighbor's high reach.  This
makes it much easier and safer than dangling off the top of a long ladder.
Thank goodness for great neighbors.

The rear of the cabin has the first coat of stain applied.  It definitely needs
a second coat but that will have to wait till next year.

Another beautiful sunrise on this the last day of September.

The front of the cabin is complete with one coat of stain. Next year I'll
do a second coat.

Interesting setup for the scaffolding to reach the back corner of the eaves. The
ground slopes off about 3 feet so we had to get inventive.



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