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The fall colors are getting pretty on October 10th which is a little late this year.
This is at 1:00 pm and the sun is out.

Four hours later at 5:00 pm and our first snow of the season is really
blowing around out there. About an inch and a half by 6:30 pm.

The wind is blowing the snow sideways but I have more work to do before
I head out for the season so enough of this white stuff already.

The morning after the first snow.  The sky is clear and we ended up with
1 and a 1/2 inches total.

Clear blue skies and the snow is melting after I shoveled the porch and steps.

View from the side porch looking at the snow covered trees.

Another colorful October sunrise.

The wrap around porches are sanded and ready to be stained.

The west side of the cabin and the railings are stained. This finishes the cabin
and now all I have left to stain are the decks.

We had our second snow on the evening of October 15th. It was
9 to 10 inches deep when I awoke on the 16th.

I fired up the tractor and plowed out the driveway just after the snow plow
came down our road at 10:00 A.M.

Do not stand under the eaves of the cabin after a snowfall. As the sun
warms the metal roof, the snow slides off in large slabs.

I've been trying to get a couple of small aspen trees in the front yard to grow
but the deer keep eating the top out of them even though we had a small
wire ring around them, so I built two of these cages to keep the deer
away from the trees. Try and get in there deer!

The deck on the west side of the cabin is stained and about a third of the
east side deck is done. I need to finish it and then do the front deck.
After that I'll be packing up to leave for warmer climates. Our third
snow of 2-4 inches is predicted for tonight, but the last prediction
of 3-5 inches brought 10 inches so we'll see what this one brings?

Our third snow only amounted to about one and a half inches,
so I was able to get the remaining decks stained.

Feeding birds at a neighbor's cabin. They like the raw shelled peanuts.

Cabin locked up for the season with the front steps raised up and
hopefully away from most of the winter snow.

Heading out of the park and down the county road towards the highway.


End of 2013

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