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In February some neighbors took the time to snowshoe in to check on our cabin.
There was only a little snow on the ground as it had been a mild winter this year.

I have finally arrived in Colorado on June 17th. Now to setup the camper
and start working on the cabin.

The Super Moon at sunrise on the morning of June 24th.

Some of my neighbors stopped by for an early morning visit. There were
22 elk, 6 of which were new babies.

The Buck stops here!

Built a new turn around area at the top of the driveway so it will be
easier to get in and out without backing up or down the driveway.

Got 17 tons of road base delivered so I can level out the garage floor
 prior to pouring the concrete floor.

Spreading some plastic tarps to help keep moisture down, then covering
with several inches of the road base.

About 15 tons of stone put into garage and leveled out.
Now I'm ready to get the concrete pad poured.

There were 45 elk in the meadow this morning when I woke up.

Doing some fire mitigation by cutting out the dead trees around the cabin
The brush gets hauled to a community burn pile that gets burned in the
middle of winter when there is lots of snow on the ground.

It was a beautiful day to caulk the cracks in the 16 porch posts

Some posts had wide cracks that let bugs nest in them which is not good.

I caulked all the wide cracks prior to staining the wood. I left the caulk
fairly deep so I could add a bit of color matched caulk after staining.

Time to choose a stain?  I think #1 has a reddish tint, #2 is darker but brings
out the log's grain nicely and #3 is a lighter brown Decisions, decisions???
The top board is treated decking and the bottom one is a porch post.



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