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Arrived on the lot on June 18th to a sunny day and beautiful mountain views.

The cabin looks good after another Colorado winter. The little aspen trees that
I fenced in are finally starting to grow now that the deer can't eat them. Looks
good after running the weed-eater to knock down the tall grass in the yard.

One of 13 deer that visited me the second morning I was parked on the lot. I
love my new Panasonic camera with the 60X optical zoom.

A pretty surprise sunrise that usually only get this colorful later in the fall.

I had 16 deer, 6 elk and 1 elk calf this morning out in front of the cabin and
this poor deer had a pretty large growth on his neck.

This elk found the remains of a salt block out in the meadow...

...and decided to give it a lick or two.

Here is the young calf following momma along the fence row...

...and then getting a drink from his or her momma.

Drove over to the Sand Dunes with some neighbors who had never been there.

The wild flowers are in full bloom and this critter was checking them out.


I spotted my first columbine this year. It is the Colorado state flower.

This early morning buck found the remains of a salt lick in the meadow.

Framed out all of the upstairs walls to include a bedroom, a large closet,
a balcony overlooking the living area and a future bathroom area.

A neighbor who is selling his lot gave me an older picnic table and I sanded it
down today and put some clear stain on it. Nice looking table!

Driving down the road and spotted these wild flowers and when I zoomed in
on them, I realized there was a colorful butterfly sitting on them.



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