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Took a ride up by the big lake and spotted a herd of about 100+ elk. These
are just a few of them up on a ridge.

And here are a few more down in the meadow below the ridge. They were
 scattered across a huge meadow just across from the big lake.

I caught the moon just coming up over the ridge. It is so big that you can see
what appears to be some of the craters on it's surface.

A early morning visit from a buck just outside my window on our lot.

The columbines which are the Colorado state flower are just coming out.

Sanding down the logs on the inside of the cabin as they weathered when I was
putting the cabin up. The upper right has been belt sanded and the lower left
has been finish sanded also. This is a slow process of belt sanding a small area
and then finish sanding that area to give my arms a rest as the belt sander gets
quite heavy after a while. This will take some time but look good when done.

After reaching the lower 6 courses of log from the floor, I then have to climb
onto the scaffolding to reach the upper 6 courses. The gable ends were fresh
cut wood put up inside last year and did not need sanding.

The low morning clouds didn't stop these elk from finding my salt block and
fighting over who was going to take charge of it. The one on the left won.

The front or south wall is the largest wall and is now finished. The front door
and 2 large windows helped to cut down on the area that needed sanding..

Some early morning elk in the meadow out in front of the cabin. The cabin is
laid out so when you're in the dining room you can see the big meadow from
the south facing front window and also see the beautiful sunrises from the
east facing French doors and get the best of both views.

A young elk in the meadow taking time out from playing to get his breakfast.

Sanded the lower 5 logs of the upper staircase wall. The upper portion of
this wall was installed inside last year and did not need sanding.

Momma deer and her recently born fawn taking a morning stroll up the lane.

Sanding on the west wall is in progress. Have done all I can reach from the
floor and am now working from the scaffold on the upper part. I'm starting
 to see the end of this living, dining and kitchen area in site then on to the bed
room and bathroom areas.

The first sunrise to have some color in it. Not as pretty as the ones we get
later in the fall but okay for this time of year.

When the sun first hits the hillside in the early morning, they will turn
anywhere from gold to a bright red.

This little guy was just outside my window and his mouth was moving like
 he was trying to talk to me. I guess he was just chewing on some grass.

These three bucks stopped by to say hi while I was having my breakfast.



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