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Took a walk around the yard to see how many wildflowers were out.

These are just a few of the many now in bloom in our yard.

This one is real pretty and are quite abundant in the yard.

Hooray, I finally got finished sanding on the west wall. It seems as though
I've been working on it forever although it was really about 5 days.

It was a beautiful day in Colorado and this sky says it all. Not a dark cloud
anywhere in sight today. This was taken from the front porch of the cabin.

I started sanding on the east wall logs which is the smaller wall.

I had 45 plus elk show up this morning while I was having my breakfast. These
two decided to climb up on the rock pile. If you look close in the lower left, a
third one is trying to photo bomb the shot. I stuck my head out of the top of the
camper and took these elk pictures.

It looks like day care in my driveway with one cow and at least five little ones.

Here is one of the many that licked on my salt block for a while. Most of them
took turns but a few got a little possessive and didn't want to share.

Finished sanding the east dining room wall. Now to the kitchen area which
won't be that bad as the cabinets cover a lot of the walls in there.

Finished the kitchen and that completes the main living area. I have 4 rows of
logs in the loft area above the kitchen and 4 rows on the west wall of the
upstairs bedroom. Then I can vacuum up all the dust in this open area.
When I do the back bed and bath areas, I will cover the doorways.

I spotted my first Bull elk this year. He was down by the railroad tracks
early this morning and about 300 yards from the camper.

There were about 10 cows and calves in the same area with the bull.

The wildflowers are blooming along our dirt road.

A fat bunny rabbit just crawled out from under the generator. I guess that
is a safe place for them to hide at night.

The sunrises are starting to get prettier as the summer goes on.

I had a morning visit from about 25 turkeys. Here are a few of them. I'm
trying to decide which one will be ready for thanksgiving dinner?


While fixing breakfast this morning, there were no large animals to view, so I
had to entertain myself by watching 3 chipmunks racing around the top of a
cage that I have around some small trees to protect them from the deer.



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