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I got the outside wall in the loft above the kitchen sanded...

...and also got the outside wall in the upstairs bedroom sanded. This finishes
the main living area that is all connected. now to do something else besides
sanding. I can build some window boxes and get them put in.

Just about sunrise, I spotted 6 elk on the far side of the meadow heading my
way and within minutes they were just outside my window at the salt block.
The big cow shared the salt with a young one...

...but didn't like it when another cow tried to get to the salt block and gave
her a kick to let her know that she should move on.

A group of us hiked up the West Spanish Peak today.

Lots of decorative dead wood along the trail.

Lots of wildflowers and wild mushrooms. This one was about 6" across.

We planned to hike up to the tree line but dark clouds rolled in and it started
to rain about 1/4 mile from the tree line. When the thunder started, we
 feared lightening may not be far off so so we turned around and headed
back down the mountain. The last place to be in a lightening storm is
on a mountain top

The sunrises are getting prettier by the day.

Sunrise turns the hills red.

I spotted a couple of new wildflowers in the yard today.

Built my first window box and got it framed out, all with pocket screws.

It fits perfectly into the opening for the kitchen window. One down and only 12
more windows to go. It took about 3 hours to cut and sand the pieces, drill out
the pocket screws and then assemble the whole thing.

Window #2 is boxed in and framed in the side of the living room. Now on to
the two large 4' x 5'windows in the front of the living and dining rooms.

Got the one big window done today, There is a lot more work in doing the
 larger windows and they are harder to handle when you have to pick it up.

The other front large window in the dining room is done.

Now I have to climb up on the scaffolding again to get the 4 windows 
that are up high on the front wall.

Got two window boxes and frames for the high windows above the living room
finished today and they are ready to install.



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