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Got the 4 high window boxes and frames completed and ready to install.
Eight windows done and only five more windows to do.

The two downstairs bedroom windows are finished which only leaves me  3
more windows, 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs. You can see why I haven't
sanded the walls in this room yet as it is full of extra lumber and things.

I had a tiny little bunny rabbit visit me around dinner time this evening. That
board above him is 5 1/2 inches tall, so you can see how small he is.

I got the downstairs bathroom window boxed in and framed. This finishes the
downstairs windows. Now to get the 2 upstairs windows.

We had a little color in the sunrise this morning. It sure is nice getting up
before the sun every morning so I can watch the sunrise.

The upstairs bathroom window is finished.

The last window frame in the upstairs bedroom is finished. Now I'll have to
 to see which project I need or want to do next?  I still have the downstairs
bed and bathroom walls to sand down or I can start on the electrical
wiring? Hmmm, decisions, decisions?

I stacked all the lumber and other items that were in the downstairs bedroom
into the center of the room so I can sand the three log walls in that room.

The front wall in the downstairs bedroom is almost sanded. One more log plus
the short pieces between the upper floor joists. These walls are a lot smaller
and shorter than the ones in the main living area.

There were 6 elk down by the railroad tracks just after sunrise this morning. I
was beginning  to wonder where they all went as I hadn't seen any in a while.

As soon as the railroad workers came in to pick up the old ties they have
been replacing recently, the elk all ran off. Maybe all the work being done
on the railroad tracks is the reason the elk haven't been around recently.

Six deer were in the yard just after sunrise. I know, there are only 5 of  them
in this photo. I can count!

While I was having my breakfast, I glanced out of the window and saw this
little chipmunk enjoying his breakfast also.

Two of the three downstairs bedroom walls are sanded. One more wall to
go in this room and then its on to the bathroom / laundry room area.

The sanding in the bedroom is done. I think I'll take the afternoon off and go
to a home made ice cream festival going on at our community center, yummy.

My first rainbow of the year showed up just after a small sunny shower.

I had 14 turkeys walk by as I was having my breakfast this morning

Can't you just imagine one like this stuffed, roasted and served with mashed
potatoes and gravy and pumpkin pie. Oh yeah, Come on Thanksgiving!



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