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Just before sunset last evening I saw 22 elk in the meadow out front. Here
is one of the small one sneaking through the barbed wire fence.

The larger elk just leap over the fence like it is nothing.

Here are 16 of the 22 that were in the meadow.

Got any area that might show on the back wall of the bathroom sanded.
The area below what's sanded will be a vanity cabinet and everything to
the right of it will be covered by a shower stall. Two more walls to sand
and then I don't even want to look at a sander for the rest of the season.

We were in the clouds this morning and they hung around till about 10:30.
It started at 39 degrees which is chilly for mid August and stayed there
until the sun came out about 10:30. This aspen tree is about 60 ft. from
 the camper and is barely visible through the clouds.

I got the side wall of the bathroom sanded today. The dark logs on the left
side will be covered by the corner shower stall. The last wall to sand in the
cabin is the front bathroom wall visible on the right of this photo.

There were 6 deer in front of the camper this morning. This buck is one of the
2 or 3 of them that found my salt block.

While I was having my breakfast, this young elk was doing the same thing
just outside my window.

The last wall in the cabin is finish sanded. Now to hide the sanders so I
won't even have to look at a sander for the rest of this year.

This is an old 5 gal water jug that I found in the trash a few years ago and cut
 the top off to make a trash can. This dust is what I've sanded from just the
bathroom / laundry room walls. I believe this is my sixth jug so far
sanded from the walls inside the cabin. That is 30 gallons of dust.


The start of a colorful sunrise with the planet Venus visible in the eastern sky.

The colors get a little brighter just before the sun comes up over the horizon.

We had a sunny afternoon rain shower, and sure enough there was a pretty
rainbow spread all the way across the meadow.

Wow, another pretty sunrise for the second day in a row but then September
and October are the months for pretty sunrises out here in Colorado.

There were 12 deer out in the meadow outside my window early this morning,
Here are 2 bucks out by the salt block.

A small fawn standing in the driveway. I had to wait till it got on the driveway
as when it was in the grass you could barely see the top of its head.
It may be 20 to 24 inches tall?



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