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Well, it is September the 3rd and this is the 3rd pretty sunrise in a row.
We're on a roll here, let's see how long it will last?

September 4th and here is another colorful sunrise. this is number four.

September 5th wasn't that great of a sunrise as we had rain and clouds. Here
it is September 6th and another colorful sunrise. Five in six days now.

As I was getting breakfast, I noticed these turkeys running across the front
yard. It is not the sharpest photo as they were really moving. I counted
at least 18 of them.

As they reached the road, they slowed down slightly and headed up the road.
The young ones are really growing since earlier in the season.

Saturday, September 6th was the annual Early Iron car show in Alamosa and
I went for the second year in a row to check out the old cars and trucks.
There was everything from 1930 Model A hot rods... the more classic vehicles such as this 1948 Chevy woodie wagon.

Pickups ranged from things like this beautiful 1929 Ford... this newer 1952 Ford F-1 pickup. There were over 600 vehicles on display.
I spent about 3 hours checking them out and came home with only 81 photos
which is quite a few less then the 145 photos I took last year.

Well, here it is September the 7th and this is the 6th colorful sunrise so far
this month. The color wrapped from the eastern sky..

...right on around to the southern sky over the mountains. September is
beautiful in the Colorado mountains and the aspen trees are just
starting to get a little yellow tint to their leaves as they get
 ready to change into their bright fall colors.

This is a very rare sunset that is visible from our lot. This seldom happens
 as the sun normally sets over on the other side of the mountains. This must
have lit up the whole sky to be seen over here. There was color in the east
and the south this morning and now color in the west this evening,

There were 8 deer in the front yard this morning. These three were looking
around to see where their friends were.

A momma and her little one was in the driveway.

Yesterday there was deer in the meadow and this morning there were about
30 elk out there. There were at least 2 bulls that were gathering their harems.
This one has a pretty good start on his group.

For over an hour they slowly worked their way across the meadow, headed
down  to the railroad tracks and then disappeared into the woods.

Woke up at 5:30 to bull elks bugling in the meadow. I could hear them from
3 different directions. This 6x6 bull was the closest one after the sun finally
came up.

This is a shot of him with his head thrown back and just bugling away.



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