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Look like a cow and her calf sharing the salt block.

As the 40 elk were in the meadow, this little fawn and its momma were
right outside my camper window.

For the third morning in a row there were elk in the meadow out front. This
morning there were 15. Here is a 6x6 bull rounding up his cows and calves.

While having my breakfast, about 15 wild turkeys ran across the yard. This
photo shows nine of them on the edge of our dirt road.

This is the view of the mountains from the county road leading out of the park.

This is the view of 4 of Colorado's 14ers in the Blanca group. The white lines
just to the right of the road sign are the buildings in the town of Fort Garland.
The town is at 7,945' elevation and Mount Blanca is at 14,345' elevation so
that  makes the mountains stand 6,400 feet above the town.

Another colorful September sunrise.

I heard some kind of noise outside and peaked out the window to find this
turkey running across the front yard. It quickly ran out of view so I popped
the hatch and looked out of the top of the camper to find...

... a bunch of them in the side yard headed for the road. Here is 9 out of the
15 or more that were out there.

The morning sunrise lights up the hillsides. Sometimes it is gold and sometimes
it is a bright red but this morning it was a reddish gold color.

Two young deer were munching on the grasses around the cabin this morning
and doing a good job of it but when they saw me at the window, they ran off.

Saturday, September 19th and the colorful sunrises just keep coming.

Driving through the park and taking pictures of the fall colors. The aspens
are almost in full bloom.

The blood moon and lunar eclipse on Sunday, September 27th.

Another pretty sunrise on the last day of September.

Looking west from the cabin along the edge of the meadow.

Looking down towards the railroad loop, the aspens are in full bloom along
 the edge of the meadow and on the far mountainside.

The camper is loaded onto the truck and we are getting ready to head
for home in a few days.


The End

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