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This photo is from a neighbor who was cross country skiing by our cabin
on Feb. 28th. This shows the front of the cabin with some snow on the steps
 but having the steps raised up keeps them from sitting in snow all winter.
Very little snow is on the decks which is a good thing.

After leaving Delaware on June 15th, I finally arrived on our lot in
Colorado on the afternoon of June the 18th.

The wind was calm when I arrived so I took advantage of that and
quickly got the camper unloaded and set up on blocks.

I found a fairly large spruce tree that had blown down across the driveway.

Many of the fence posts were rotted off and needed replacement.

The very first morning on the lot, I had 13 elk put on a show for me.

Some momma elk were feeding their little young ones...

...while others were showing off their skill of jumping the barbed wire fences.

Day two and I got my solar system hooked up to the camper...

...put up the lot number sign that I had put inside the cabin over the winter...

...and put up the railroad sign at the end of our driveway...

...and got the grass cut down around the cabin with the weed eater.

The next morning had deer in the yard...

...including this nice buck.

Over the course of the first week, I got the tree across the driveway cut up...

...replaced 8 fence posts with new treated posts...

...and got a new treated well post installed to replace the old untreated
one that rotted off over the winter.

Having made a trip into town this week to get fence posts, I also picked
up my yearly salt block. It only took the elk about two days to find it.


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