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Jim towed the trailer out this year with some furniture for the cabin on it.

Camper on the lot with the jacks down and ready to be unloaded from the truck.

Inside the cabin, the floor was covered with dead flies.

The fly strips I hung in the windows were full of flies. Needed a lot more fly strips.

I filled a heavy duty dustpan with the dead flies that I swept up.

On day two I put up our lot number sign down by the road...

...and the railroad sign up on its post by the driveway.

I fired up the weed-eater and mowed the tall grass down around the cabin.

The grass looks good mowed down and the small aspen trees in the cages are
finally starting to grow out of the top of their cages that keep the deer away.

My last day on the lot I saw a bunch of rail-runners cruising around
the corner and on down the rails towards Alamosa.

Two more rail-runners coming round the bend.

A bright yellow rail-runner coming around the bend. These sure look like fun.

My camper parked just outside of Denver at my brother-in-law's home where
I spent 3 weeks getting the back fixed up enough to where I could drive myself
back down to the cabin to pack up for the trip back home near the end of July.
Thank you Tom for providing a space to park my camper with electric service
and for driving me into Denver to all of my doctor appointments.

I didn't get anything done that I had wanted to but there is always next year. I
want to thank all my Colorado neighbors who helped me unload the trailer
and pack up the truck so I could head back east. I hope you all
enjoy your summer in Colorado.


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