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Finished framing out the closet doorways so I could run the wires.

I've been here just over a month and my back is doing good so
I thought it was time to take the camper off the truck as I have
some jobs that will require the truck.

Two white spruce trees and a half dead aspen are growing right at
the back corner of the cabin and are too close for the fire
mitigation rules which say 20 feet from the structure... out with the chainsaw and goodbye 3 trees. The brush is
loaded in the truck and taken to the burn pile where it will be
burned next winter when the snow is on the ground.

Got the kitchen outlets cut into the logs. Made a small hole below
the counter top level and then drilled up on an angle to run wires
below the counters where they will they will be hidden in
a slot behind the cabinets.

With all the holes I cut into the logs, I never hit a log screw until
the last hole for the front door light switch. The screw is in 1 and
a half inches and I needed 1 and three quarter inches. The screw
can't be moved so maybe I can use a little bit smaller box?

My first colorful sunrise of the summer. September and October
are when they get really beautiful but this one is not bad for July.

The meadow just north of the cabin is full of yellow wildflowers...

...that look like this if you get closer to them.

I watched 2 prairie dogs about 60 feet out in the meadow eating
on the grasses while I was eating my breakfast this morning.

Lots of heavy rains this year. Here it is the last week of July and
we're still getting some hail, shown here on the front porch...

... along with the very heavy rain that comes down so fast
that it floods the front yard.

Just as I sat down to have my breakfast, 3 large elk walked up and
checked out the salt block.

One decided to have a few licks and seemed to be saying hmm,
yummy as he licked his lips...

...then stared into the camera to have his pictured taken. They
 really are beautiful animals.


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