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I was heading up the road but had to wait for a few of my
neighbors to cross the road first.

One of our local pot houses. For a town of about 900 people
we have two such stores. There were 3 but one shut down.

Here it is August and I think summer is over as it was 36 degrees
out this morning. There were 10 elk in the meadow and two of
them were bulls, one a 6x6 and one younger one, along with their
8 cows and calves. These are the first bulls I've seen this year.

Four of the last five mornings I've seen elk in the meadow while
eating breakfast. Today there were 22 cows and calves. Here is
a cow and her calf on the edge of the meadow...

...along with 11 more of the 22 feeding on the edge of the meadow.

Heading up the road later in the morning and ran into these elk
which I think are the same ones.

Here is one of the young ones feeding from mom.

Looks like a second one got hungry.

Went into town yesterday and got most of the remaining electrical
supplies, so today I spent some time installing 2 outdoor lights.
This one by the front door and another by the side door.

Got an outdoor weather proof outlet installed on the front deck
today. I need two of them to pass the electrical inspection but
the store only had one. I'll have to look for another one
next time I go into town, maybe next week.

Picked up 2 Hickory vanities and 1 piece tops for the bathrooms.
Also got 2 toilets and ordered a tub/shower for upstairs. I still
have to find a corner shower stall for downstairs. As the electric
wiring winds down, I am starting to get plumbing supplies as
that will be my next job.

Three elk slept over right in front of my window last night. There
were 2 cows and one calf. The calf wondered off and found 8
young deer to play with while momma stayed to lick on the salt.

Momma calling out to her calf who wondered off a little farther
than she felt comfortable with.

The calf came back to the salt block with 8 deer following but
would not let any of the deer near the salt. He made a game
out of running off any deer that tried to come near the salt.

Had us a really hard rain this afternoon with the sun out, so I
looked for the rainbow and sure enough, there was one and
even a faint second one above it.


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