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I just had to try out the new front porch light. It is only a 6 watt
LED bulb but it gives the light of a 40 watt bulb and definitely
lights up the front porch.

Visited a neighbor who had hired an Amish cabinet maker to build
his kitchen cabinets. I contacted Levi and he is working up an
estimate to build some hickory cabinets for our kitchen.

With the help of a neighbor, I loaded the extra logs that were left
over from the cabin into the truck and took then to an Amish saw
mill to be sliced into boards. Just down the road from the mill there
was a dinner being served to raise money for the local school. They
used hit or miss engines to turn the ice cream makers. Bar-B-Q
chicken, mashed taters, mixed vegetables, fresh rolls & homemade
pies rounded out the menu. I picked the blackberry pie. Hmmm!

A stack of twenty some boards to be planed. This is the last of 3
such stacks that I got sliced from my logs.

Running the boards through the planer till they are the right thickness.

I ended up with 42 boards that were 7 to 8 feet long, 16 boards
that were 3 to 4 feet long and 10 rough boards that are not full
width but will yield a narrower board. This gives me enough
boards to finish most of the interior walls.

After 2 days of planning boards, I ended up with over half of a
truckload of wood chips bagged and ready for disposal.

Upstairs wall studs that need to be covered with some of that lumber
I just cut and milled from the leftover logs.

Upstairs walls covered with boards that look just like the logs, The
left door goes to the bathroom and the right door goes into a
walk-in closet.

We had some color in the sunrise this morning and it is still August.
September & October is when we get the really colorful sunrises.

Got another interior wall covered in boards. This is in the loft
that is over the kitchen. Now all these interior walls need is a
light sanding and then some stain on them.

The buck stops here! He gets in a few licks and then moves on.

Thanksgiving is coming in a few months and this bird sure looks
tasty. There were 10 of them in the driveway behind the cabin
but by the time I got to my camera, the rest had moved on.

I rode with my neighbor up Mount Blanca in his jeep. Here he is
climbing over Jaws 1 which is the first major obstacle. This is
 about a four and a half foot tall wall of rock.

Climbing up the rocky road, if you can call it a road. It is about 6
or 7 miles to Lake Como at the end of the road. The road used to
continue another mile but has been closed to anything but hikers.

We had 3 jeeps in our group and here is one of the other jeeps
climbing over some rocks


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