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This is the 4 of us at Lake Como which is surrounded by granite
peaks. The 4 door jeep is one of the Rubicon Recon models that
are new for 2017. It is heavy duty everything and did a great job
of getting up this road which is claimed to be one of the top 10
in the world. The scenery is amazing up here. We spent about
an hour hiking around the lake and talking with some hikers.

Coming back down and everything looked totally different but was
just as difficult to get through.

Climbing up and over Jaws 1 once again. Normally Jaws 2 and 3 are
more difficult than Jaws 1 but on this trip we all agreed that Jaws 1
was the trickiest to navigate due to recent changes in the road.

This sign says that this road is considered one of the most difficult
roads in Colorado and 1 of the top 10 in the world. The map shows
4 peaks that are over 14,000 feet. The road ends where the yellow
dots start. Click on image above to see larger image.

Click here for a Google photo album of Blanca jeep trip

I woke up to 20 elk and 8 deer in my front yard. This cow and
3 calves were sharing the salt block.

While counting the elk, I spotted this one bull in the group...

...and zoomed in closer so I could count the points on his rack. I
count 5 on each side which gives him a 5x5 rack.

Part of the park overlooks the music concerts so we sat up in the
woods and listened to Ricky Skaggs playing and singing for about
2 hours. I got a pretty good picture from over 100 yards away.

Last day of August and I spotted the first yellow leaves in an
aspen tree down the road.

September the first arrived with a little bit of color in the sunrise
and one of the warmest mornings so far this summer. It was 47
degrees out and has only been 35 to 44 all summer.

Labor Day weekend and it is time for this year's Early Iron Car
Show in Alamosa. They had a mix of cars and trucks from the
teens up through the 60s and 70s. This is a 34 Ford pickup.

There were lots of 40 Fords including this coupe.

A nice looking 29 Dodge 5 window coupe.

Some were original like this 29 Model A Ford 2 door sedan...

...with the original 4 cylinder engine still in it.

This little guy had his own T bucket. No one told  him he should
 not be drinking and driving.

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