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There were 8 elk in the meadow this morning with 1 good sized
bull but it wasn't light enough to get any pictures. After the sun
came up, 8 deer were in the yard & by the salt block. This deer
found a low hanging limb on an aspen tree and ate some leaves.

My neighbor using his gas engine boring rig to bore me three
eight foot deep one inch holes for the grounding rods for my
electrical system. You can see one of the 5/8 inch diameter
eight foot long copper coated rods standing by the wall.

I'm setting the last of the three rods into it's bored hole. We drilled
through sandstone most of the way down. I have no idea how I
could have gotten these rods in without this rig. In the bottom of
the photo you can see a rod sticking up about 3 or 4 inches.

They are installing fiber optic cable throughout the park this year.
Here is the machine starting at the other end of our road. They
dig a trench down the middle of the road 3 feet deep for it.

I had 7 deer in the yard this morning and 8 more in the meadow.
This young one who still has a few spots was by the wood pile.

The upstairs one piece tub/shower is in place. It was a tight fit and I
had to trim the top left flange so it would fit under the roof rafter.

I spotted some bear tracks just down the road from our place.

I framed out the basement window with an extension that would
support the outside electrical box that is required to pass the
local electrical code. The wire will come out the top of the
box and then through the rim joist and into the house.

Another colorful September sunrise that not only showed in the
eastern sky but...

...wrapped around to the southern sky over the mountains.

I got the outside breaker box installed on the garage wall.  They
require a power shut off on the outside of the house in order to
pass inspection. One more item to go and then I will call for the
electrical inspection.

The fall colors are coming in as the aspen turn to yellow. The
problem this year has been the high winds that have stripped
 some of the trees of their leaves like in the foreground here.

You can see the mountainside with bits of yellow here and there
 as the trees are turning.

For 3 days I was in the clouds and could see nothing but our one
aspen tree. It was cold in the mid 30's and rainy. The roads are a
 muddy mess if you have to go out.

Finally the clouds lifted a little and I could see the mountains with
the season's first snow on them.


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