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Some of the aspens in the meadow out front are turning to a
bright golden yellow and glow when the sun hits them.

All this rain that we've had recently has been snow up on Mount
Blanca which is covered with snow from 11,000 feet upward..

Another beautiful sunrise on the last day of September.

Driving through the park the first week of October is when the
aspens are in full color.

I drove down to a local Amish sawmill and bought a load of spruce
1x12's so I could work on the interior walls. This is the downstairs
bathroom wall. The doorway leads through a walk through closet
and into the downstairs bedroom. The shelves will become a
medicine cabinet over the sink that will be on the wall to the right.

The October full moon was a few days ago but it is still bright.

Another colorful October sunrise...

...which lit up the hillsides with a bright orange color.

October 9th and light snow falling. I headed into town to get some
propane and gas for the gens. These elk are a small part of a herd
of about 75 that crossed the road in front of me.

As I left the park the roads were clear. This is the view heading
out towards the highway.

By the time I got home there was 2 or 3 inches of snow on the
ground already and still coming down.

There was a drift on the front of the truck that was about 12" deep.

The view from the side porch shows trees covered in snow.

The morning after the 8" snow as the sun lights up the hillsides.

The taller grasses are coated as they stick out from the snow.

I won't be getting much solar power for a while till the sun gets
hot and melts off some of the snow and ice from the panels.
They are calling for 40 degrees today & 50's tomorrow.


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