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June 16th 2017 is our first morning on the lot with 11 deer...

...and 6 elk.

I got the camper parked and the solar panels hooked up then mowed
the grass around the cabin.  Elaine sat on the porch and watched.

There is still some snow on the mountain tops.

One of the views while driving through the park.

We spotted 2 new born fawns following mama through the woods.

It took 2 days for the deer to find the salt block that we put out.

12 of the 14 elk that were in the meadow in front of the cabin early
one morning. There are 4 young ones in the group.

First summer hail storm in June. Just enough to cover the ground.

A buck licking on the salt block.

Some of the 80 elk that were in the meadow this morning. I count
about 42 in this photo which was taken from 1/4 mile away.

Went out to dig up some Canadian thistle which is a noxious weed in Colorado.
It was easier to get out after 2 days of heavy rain. After digging 3 trash bags full
of thistle, I decided to take some wildflower photos. This is a Penstemon which
the deer love to eat.

This is Bell flowers...

Columbine is the Colorado state flower...

We have lots of Columbines blooming along our driveway...


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