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Arrived on lot about 7:30 in the evening, parked the camper,
walked the property to check things out then went in
the camper for dinner and a good night's rest.

First night on the lot I had a coyote stop by to welcome me back.

Day one and I mowed the grass, hooked up solar to the camper,
hooked up sewer line to the camper and got small gen running.

A deer licking on the remains from last year's salt block.

Had 16 elk up in the west end of the meadow this morning.

Started work in the cabin. Covered wires recessed into lower
walls with steel plates as required then installed outlets. These
plates will be hidden behind the baseboards.

Combo outlet and switch for kitchen light.

Light over staircase is a $4.97 jelly jar light. We are using these
cheap lights throughout the cabin to start & will upgrade later
as we decide on what light fixtures we want.

One of the prairie dogs that are in the meadow out front.

June 21 and morning temp is 31 degrees, welcome to the mountains.

A full moon out tonight.

A small flume of smoke as seen from our lot just before a
neighbor came by and said we were on pre-evacuation. I
started packing things up just in case and about 1 hour later
we got the evacuation notice so I headed into town.

At a pullout on the way into town, I could see how fast the
fire was already growing.

After getting into town where they were setting up an evacuation
center, we could see flames from the fire 12 miles away.

Later that evening smoke from the fire filled the air.



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