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I got in late at night so I spent the first night in the park at the
community center's new temporary RV park. This is the
view of Mount Blanca from the center.

The next day, I drove up to the cabin and got the solar system
hooked up to the camper along with the sewer line. The cabin
looks good after another long winter.

The mountain view from the cabin has a lot more snow as I got
here two weeks earlier than I normally do. The grass is green
but the trees are mostly still black.

The train coming around the horseshoe bend.

The second morning on the lot, I had 10 deer and 13 elk in my
front yard. Here are a few of them.

The cabin's lot looks bleak as none of the trees look like they
will make a recovery, but we'll give them another month and
see if they show any signs of life.

The empty lot really looks empty but for a lot of dead trees

I did find one aspen tree that is showing signs of life. Hopefully
there will be a few more aspens but the spruce don't look good.

I got the camper unloaded from the truck as I know I'll be needing
the truck to haul some of the dead trees away this year.

Early June here and we had some heavy rain this evening that
quickly turned into hail and started to pile up on the ground.
Luckily it was the small pea sized hail and damaged nothing.

The sunset this evening wrapped around from the west to the
south and created this view over the mountains. This is a treat
 as I don't have a western view and normally can't see sunsets.

It was cold and wet outside yesterday, so I worked inside on the
stairs. We just had the treads laying across the stringers. I cut and
installed the risers on each step to give it a more finished look.

I cut and sanded some boards and installed them under the upper
steps and will do the same to the lower steps.

The lower steps are closed in and the front of the closet is closed
in, Now I want to get a piece of aspen tree and notch it out to fit
over the outside corner of the closet.

It is the middle of June and some of the aspen trees are starting
to get leaves on them. It looks like 6 aspens and a few spruce
trees east of the cabin will survive.



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