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June of 2020 finds us back at our cabin in Colorado, only this
year we have a new addition to our family. Our 10 year old
great granddaughter has come to live with us and we are
loving the challenge of having her with us.

She is very creative and already has a list of things for me and
her to build while at the cabin. The first thing is a swing for her
so we built this swing and she is really enjoying it. Here she is
swinging while listening to music on her MP3 player with her

The first few days on the lot we spotted some elk. Another time
there were about 40 of them just outside the camper, but it was
just getting dark out so we couldn't get any pictures.

With the solar panels hooked up to the camper, the girls could
watch DVD movies during the day. At least the smaller kid is
watching, but I can't tell if the bigger kid is watching or napping.

The prairie dogs are really moving into our area as we've counted
 at least 25 or more in the front yard. I will have to research on
how to get rid of them as they eat the grass and also the roots
which leaves nothing but dirt and holes when they are done.

We took Makenzie to the Dog Bar over in Cuchara for lunch
and she came home with this cute cowgirl hat which looks
great on her...

...but the jury is still out on how it looks on Mom Mom.

Now that she has a swing, she thinks Mom Mom needs one too,
so she and I built this swing that all three of us can sit on.

We went over to visit the Sand Dunes but didn't realize that it was
the July 4th weekend till we got there. It was super crowded so
all we got to do was drive around as parking was very limited.

We did get to see the dunes...

...and drive down a sandy road to an area...

...where we could climb a hill and get a view of some dunes
with a stream flowing along the base of them.

For our next project, Makenzie decided we should build a house
out of the rocks on the rock pile. Here is the finished house.

There is a door for critters to get into the house and...

...after seeing these two bunnies near the rock house, she thinks
that maybe they are living in it.



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