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Colorado 2019

Jim headed out on May 28th this year to continue working on the cabin. He will get to see how things look a year after the forest fire went through our area. He plans to work mainly on our cabin this year, at least Monday through Friday. He may work some on the weekend woodfests that get planned for the summer and may even take a hike or two. Hopefully a lot of work will get done on the cabin.

Colorado 2018

Jim headed out on June the 11th. this year to continue working on the cabin. He is hoping to get a lot done if all goes well and his back holds up. Hopefully the electrical will get the final inspection by summer's end and he will get some work done on the plumbing and cover the rest of the interior walls.

This did not happen as there was a large forest fire that burned 108,000 acres including about 2/3 of the park where our cabin is located. Luckily our cabin survived but 134 of our neighbors were not so lucky as their homes were totally destroyed. After surveying the damage to the park and the fact that we survived, we decided that Jim would volunteer to work for the good of the park. He joined up with some other volunteers and removed about 1900 severely damaged trees along the roads in the burn area and also helped to get the metal removed from many of the burned homes. We'll get back to working on our cabin next year. I'm sure that we will also have quite a few of the burned trees that will die off and have to be removed from our lots.

Colorado 2017

Jim headed out on June the 11th. this year to continue working on the cabin. Elaine went with him to make sure he does it right. Elaine left after 1 month and Jim got the electrical wiring installed and the first inspection completed. He was able to cover some of the interior walls with log siding that he made.

Colorado 2016

Jim headed out in mid June this year to continue working on the cabin. He arrived on the lot and had plans to finish the plumbing and electrical work this year. The third day on the lot a disc in his lower back ruptured and he had to go see a spine surgeon in Denver. After about 3 weeks in the Denver area, he was finally able to drive again and headed home in late July. There is always next year.

Colorado 2015

Jim headed out in mid June this year to continue working on the cabin. This year's plans include sanding down the interior walls and putting a finish on them then installing the electrical wiring, the rough plumbing and possibly a chimney for a woodstove in the cabin although the woodstove may have to wait till next year. With only 4 months this year we will see how it goes. Jim's back is acting up again this year, so he is taking it a little slower if that is possible for him.

Colorado 2014

Jim headed west to Colorado in mid June so he could work on the cabin. This year he will see what he can get done on the inside and finish a few things left on the outside such as finishing the front steps and putting the epoxy coating on the garage floor. Now that it is sealed up from the weather, all work can be done whenever we get around to it.

Colorado 2013

Jim headed west to Colorado in mid June so he could work on the cabin. He had hoped to at least get the windows and doors installed, a coat of stain on the outside and some front steps built. He got all of this done plus cut and installed siding on the front and rear gable ends and poured a garage/basement floor. Next year he'll start working on the inside of the cabin.

Colorado 2012

Jim headed west to Colorado once again to work on our cabin. He had hoped to get the windows and doors installed, the stain on the outside, the porch decking put down, some front steps built and maybe a woodstove installed inside but it did not happen as his back went out shortly after he got out there. The decking was completed but that was all that got done this year. There is always next year...

Colorado 2011

Jim headed west to Colorado to put up our log cabin this year.  He managed to get it dried in and boarded up before he was forced out in late October by the start of the winter snows.

Colorado 2010

We headed west to Colorado once again to work on our cabin. This year we're building the basement/garage out of cement blocks and putting on the downstairs floor. The local sawmill has cut all of our logs and will store them till the spring of 2011 when we'll start putting up the cabin walls. We plan to get it dried in next summer.

Colorado 2009

We headed west once again to work on our property. This year we installed the well pump, cut in the driveway, installed the driveway culvert, dug out the hole for the cabin's foundation and poured the footers for the cabin so we can start building next spring.

Colorado 2008

Another trip west to Colorado.  This year to get a septic system installed and a well drilled on our lot.  We did some traveling around the area and spoke with many people who are building in the area this year.  Hopefully next year, we'll start building our cabin!

Colorado 2007

Once again, we headed west.  This year to work on clearing our lot of deadwood and debris in preparation of installing utilities on the lot so we can build our log cabin in the near future.

Colorado 2006

We headed west again, this time we had a goal in mind - find a dream destination to camp and build on.  See Our Colorado Property link on the left menu to see the land that we found for our future log cabin site. We also did some sight seeing along the way so follow the link to the left to see where we went and what we did.

Prince Edward Island 2003

This was a lovely trip that took us through Maine, where we stopped to visit a friend and enjoy fresh caught lobster from a pier restaurant before heading into New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and then beautiful Prince Edward Island.  Watching the tides at the Bay of Fundy near Alma, New Brunswick was a highlight. Until we prepare our photos and journal from this trip, a Google album has been posted with some of the photos.

Trip to Alaska 2002

In June of 2002, we took a 105 day trip from Delaware to Louisiana to be with Elaine's youngest daughter when she had her first child, then continued across the USA to Washington state and up into Canada. After 3 weeks in Canada, we entered Alaska and spent 5 weeks traveling around that great state. The trip home came down the Cassiar Highway with a stop in Hyder, Alaska. We traveled through the Canadian Rockies, across the northern USA then back into Canada one last time to visit Niagara Falls before heading for home. Until we prepare our photos and journal from this trip, a Weebly album has been posted with a few of the 3000+ photos that we took on this trip.

New York Fall Colors 2001

In October of 2001, we took a 3-day weekend to view the New York Fall colors and to visit beautiful Watkins Glen and Robert H. Treman State Parks.

Colorado 2000

In July of 2000, we took a 2-week trip to southern Colorado to look at a piece of property near Alamosa with a log cabin on it. This trip covered 4544 miles and took us through 15 states. The link to the left takes you to our journal and some photos from that trip.

The Great Northwest 1999

In August and September of 1999, we took a 4-week trip to the Great Northwest and traveled 7435 miles through 17 states. The link to the left takes you to our journal and some photos from that trip.

Delaware to Missouri 1999

In April 1999, we took a 9-day trip from Delaware to central Missouri and back via the scenic routes to see Elaine's youngest daughter graduate from Army basic training. This trip covered 2760 miles through nine states. The journal and some photos from that trip can be found at the link to the left.

Out West 1996

In September of 1996, Jim set out alone on a 17,000 mile journey around the country visiting 31 of the 48 continental United States and returned in January of 1997 with a new Bigfoot pickup camper and 800 photos.  The link to the left has the journal and some photos from that trip.

Out West 1993

In July of 1993, Jim took a 3-week trip to the Great Northwest. This was his first time out west and the link to the left displays some photos from that trip.


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