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Our Rig consists of a Dodge Ram 3500 dually loaded with our Bigfoot pickup camper.

Our Dodge Truck

Lathrope State Park in Colorado

Our Dodge Ram 3500 dually is just the ticket for our slide-in camper.  It's a quad cab, 6-speed, HO diesel 4 x 4.  Traveling the back roads with our camper gives us about 15-16 mpg while highway driving at higher speeds gets about 12-13 mpg. Check out some of our new truck modifications for 2007 here.

We call our truck "Samson".

Campsite in Alma, New Brunswick near the Bay of Fundy

Our Bigfoot Camper

Although this camper is quite a few years old, we cannot find one that we like better yet. The Bigfoot is just right for our style of traveling as we love being able to get to a lot of places the bigger rigs cannot visit. This camper has a lot of really nice features so check out our Bigfoot Page if you want to know more.

We refer to our Bigfoot as "Sasqwatch".

Our Jeeps

Our 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, 4-door hardtop, was just what we needed to climb those peaks in Colorado. It came straight from the factory "trail ready". This jeep was capable of driving the well-known Rubicon Trail in California right "out of the box" with no add-ons necessary. Not many vehicles can make that statement.

We enjoyed the two years that we had this vehicle, but since it was our primary vehicle we sadly opted to trade it off in 2009 for something a little more suited for our every day use. Good Bye "Rubi"...


Our Jeep "Rubi"

We planned to get us another jeep when our cabin in the mountains of Colorado was completed but it turns out we couldn't wait, so in the winter of 2012 we went out and bought us a used 2008 two door Rubicon.

It is bright yellow with a black hardtop and has the V-6 engine with a six speed stick shift. It is equipped with all the goodies, including locking axels and a quick disconnect front sway bar This will  be great for use at the cabin. I can see some really great 4 wheeling coming up as we spend summers at the cabin. Welcome Back Rubi...


Our 5th wheel

We purchased a 2006 Holiday Rambler Savoy LX 5th wheel in April of 2008.  It was slightly used but in like new condition and we thought it would be perfect for us to use on our property in Colorado for a few years during the summer months while we put in utilities and built our log cabin.  But... after living in it for two and a half months in the summer of 2008, we decided that it is not necessary to have something this large as we spend most of the time outdoors working on the lot or traveling around the area.  We decided in 2009 to put this trailer up for sale and use the money towards our cabin.  The trailer was finally sold in the spring of 2012 to a neighbor in Colorado and we now have more money to work on our cabin.

Rubi loaded on our Featherlite Trailer

Our Featherlite Trailer

Although our aluminum trailer cost more than a metal one initially, we decided to invest in a trailer that would not only last a long time, but would require less maintenance and would be much lighter to haul. The brake controller we chose for hauling this trailer is a Hensley TruControl.

For more information on our trailer:


Along with transporting our jeep, we also use the trailer for such tasks as hauling our tractor to and from Colorado to be able to work on our land out there. It came in mighty handy when putting in the driveway, digging out the foundation, and lifting logs and timbers for our log cabin. We also exchange tractor work for labor with some of our neighbors. The barter system is alive and well in Colorado.

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