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Critters at the cabin

Chickadee at bird feeder

Black capped chickadees are one of the many species of birds that frequent the bird feeders hanging just outside the dining room's sliding patio doors.
Downy woodpecker

What I believe is a downy woodpecker, who along with red bellied woodpeckers and golden flickers have been seen at the feeders.
Cardinal at bird feeder

This one is definitely a cardinal, which come out in large numbers and truly are beautiful when set against a backdrop of freshly fallen winter snow.
Young red fox

Red and also grey fox are visitors to the cabin from time to time. This is a young red fox who was sitting in the front yard. It is fun to watch the young fox playfully wrestle with each other in the yard.
Geese with goslings

One of the many families of geese that like to nest on the island in the pond.

Young goslings out for one of their first swimming lessons. Both geese and ducks have nested on the island and raised their young around the pond.

Here we have one of the many resident squirrels.
Squirrel eating corn

Hanging an ear of corn about 15" off the ground makes for great fun as the squirrels try to get at the corn. This one is hanging onto the corn and swings back and forth while eating.
Deer in orchard

The apples that fall from the trees attract deer into the orchard in late summer.

Some are not content with what's on the ground and have to reach for the lower limbs.

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