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Fall at the cabin 

Lane to cabin

The 1000' long gravel lane leading back to the property is bordered by a corn field on the right side which looks to be just  about ripe for the picking in this photo.

Horse in field

On the left side of the lane, just beyond the pine trees in the above photo is a large field where the one neighbor lets his horses graze.
Upper lane on property

Upon reaching the property, the lane becomes a private road, turns a bend and starts downhill into the woods.
Lower lane to cabin

As you round a second bend in the road and continue downhill, the small cabin, hidden among the trees, comes into view.

Cabin in the woods complete with it's fall decorations. Upstairs balcony is accessed through sliding doors from the large bedroom and affords nice views of the front yard.

View of the back yard dressed in fall colors. Flag pole stands in the center of the back yard.
Trees ablaze with fall colors

View of the side yard with the tulip poplar trees ablaze with their golden fall colors.
Pond reflecting fall colors

A view from the dock as the trees around the pond change color and reflect beautifully on the pond surface. The pond varies in depth from 4' near the banks to 9' off the end of the dock which allows for diving and swimming in the summer months, to a final depth of 12' near the center.

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