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Inside the cabin

Bedroom view

This is the upstairs bedroom where the outside walls are finished with 1x12 rough cut pine boards to look like the inside of a log cabin.
Bedroom ceiling

The inside walls are finished in rough coat plaster and painted white, while the ceiling is finished in tongue and groove white pine.
Bedroom floor

This view shows the yellow pine flooring that is finished with many coats of polyurethane.
Bedroom skylight

The upstairs dormer allows enough room for a large poster bed and also contains a large skylight that helps make the room bright and sunny, not to mention allowing for some year round beautiful views.....
Skylight in fall

In the fall, the view through the skylight become a burst of color as the overhead poplar trees change to a brilliant gold.
Moon through skylight

Then after all the leaves have fallen from the trees, you get to enjoy the beautiful full moon on a clear winter night.
Backyard view through bedroom window

Looking from a rear bedroom window, you can see the pine trees set against the fall colors of the poplars, oaks, beeches, maples and other trees that surround the cabin.
Wood cookstove

In the kitchen sits an antique Quakertown 6 burner wood cook stove that not only heats the cabin quite nicely in the winter, but also does all our cooking and baking during the cooler months.
Chopping wood

Having a woodstove gives you plenty of exercise, not only when you cut it down, cut it to length and split it but also........ 

...... when you have to carry it into the cabin.

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