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Spring at the cabin

Spring crocuses

One of the first flowers to poke up through the ground in early spring are the crocuses.

Spring daffodils

One side of the front yard is covered with hundreds of daffodils of every type and color.
Dogwood tree

One of the many white dogwoods that abound on the property. This particular one is located near the back corner of the garden and gets so brilliant that you almost need sunglasses to look at it.
Azaleas in front yard

The front yard fills with color as the pink and white azaleas come into bloom.
Wild azaleas

About this same time the many wild azaleas come alive along the edge of the woods throughout the property.
Steps down to pond area

The wooden steps leading from one of the many trails throughout the property to the pond area on the back of the property. Note the wild azaleas blooming just to the right of the steps. 
Purple azaleas in front yard

The two shades of purple azaleas come into bloom a little later than the others.

There are two shades of purple clematis growing on a trellis near the bottom of the orchard.

The rhododendrons come out just after the azaleas and have shades of purple, burgundy and red.
Cabin and flowers

Here is the front yard in it's full spring dress with the many azaleas and rhododendrons.

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