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Summer at the cabin

Lane to cabin

In summertime the first bend in the lane leading to the property seems to close in as everything turns bright green.

Lane on the property

The first part of the gravel lane leading down to the cabin that sets in the center of the property.


As you round the last bend, the cabin is barely visible in the summer months.

The cabin is surrounded by many large trees which give a lot of shade and keeps the cabin cool in all but the hottest of summer days.
Looking at orchard area

The view from the front upstairs deck affords a nice view of the front yard, showing the garden just to the right of the truck and the grape arbor in the upper right of the photo.

A view of the garden, which grows some really great vegetables. A thick layer of grass clippings as mulch keeps the weeding to a minimum.
Grape arbor

The grape arbor which has three different kinds of grapes stands just to the right of the pole trellis for the clematis. 

The covered picnic pavilion stands next to an "L" shaped woodshed that stores about ten cords of wood when filled. The cabin uses about 2 and a half to 3 cords of wood per winter for heating and cooking.
Picnic area

An outdoor cooking area is sheltered between the buildings and allows for many picnics. Note the chopping block in the center foreground for splitting wood.
Goose standing watch over pond

A killer guard gander stands guard over the pond as the grass around it greens up during the summer.

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