Cleaning up our lot Cleaning up our lot
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2006 Colorado Adventure

Trip through old mining town of Creede, Colorado


 Creede was mined in the late 1800's (9-25-06)


 Creede built this firehouse in a rock cave after their original
wooden one burned down


Starting up a canyon to view old mine remains (9-25-06)


Narrow steep dirt roads but interesting rock formations


Many of the old mine buildings still remain today


 Amazingly well preserved for being 100+ years old


Steep road under low bridge stops us here


Some old remains still clinging to the mountainside


 Old mine high up on the hillside


 Largest of the remains looks like it has aged well


 Old miners shack (9-25-06)


Old mine entrance with tracks for ore cars (9-25-06)


Old miners did an amazing job of building these as they're
still standing after 100+ years


Looking down at camper through the low underpass (9-25-06)

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