Cleaning up our lot Cleaning up our lot
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2006 Colorado Adventure

Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek on Gold Camp Road


We quickly climb to view above Colorado Springs (9-22-06)


Road starts out as good hard packed dirt


We continue to climb upward around the base of Pikes Peak


Soon Colorado Springs is barely visible way down there
and snow is seen on the ground 


The road becomes narrow and wetter as we climb up


 The fall colors are beautiful as the aspens turn to gold


Soon we are on a one lane road with cuts through the rocks
and light snow is falling


A taller cut through the rocks is a narrow one lane


We pass a very scenic lake with two homes overlooking it
from the other side


Hey, no one told us about having a tunnel on this road...
Luckily we're only 10' 10" with 4" to spare 9-22-06


Tunnel on upper end of Gold Camp road


The road gets a bit wider after the tunnel 


Road on the side of the mountain  (9-22-06)


Entering Victor just above Cripple Creek  (9-22-06)


One of the old mines perched on the hillside above town  (9-22-06)


Downtown Cripple Creek has been invaded by many casinos  (9-22-06)


We ate our dinner at an overlook above the town
Cripple Creek (9-22-06)

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