Cleaning up our lot Cleaning up our lot
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2006 Colorado Adventure

Trip from Pitkin to Lake City, Colorado


 We checked out this general store in Ohio City and talked
with some of the local people


 City Hall in Ohio City


 A few of the cabins in Ohio City (9-24-06)


Took route
#50 through Gunnison to the Blue Mesa Reservoir
which is over 16 miles long


Followed the very scenic route
#149 (Silver Thread Highway)
into Lake City (9-24-06)


 Coming into Lake City, Colorado from the north


 Deer roaming the streets of Lake City


 Looking for a campground
on Lake San Cristobal which is Colorado's
second largest natural lake (9-24-06)


 Dirt road on back of lake to a state recreational area...
Oh boy another dirt road


 View from a bluff overlooking the lake... yes this will do as
a campsite for the night


 View of lake and mountains out of our back door...
can it get any better than this?


 Elaine scoping out the views around the lake (9-24-06)

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