Cleaning up our lot Cleaning up our lot
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2006 Colorado Adventure

Trip from Tin Cup to Pitkin, Colorado


Starting up Cumberland Pass on county road #765 and I joked
about going over that snowy peak in front of us...
little did I know
how true that was to be


We traversed switchback after switchback till we hit snow on
the single lane road and we still had no idea how much higher
we had yet to climb


We finally reached the top at 12,015 feet and sure felt
relieved at having made it safely this far


Looking back where we had come from and barely able to
make out where a road is 


Looking at the road to the right that we had yet to go down
still had us just a wee bit nervous


We made it safely down off the mountain into Pitkin


Drove around town and down this main street


Spent the night in a nearby National Forest campground


Headed up to Quartz Creek properties on the mountain
above town to look at some lots for sale


The lower road started out fairly smooth up the hill


We passed by some nice homes with beautiful views (9-24-06)


The road got rougher as we climbed higher up the mountain... and
this was supposed to be the easiest of the roads up


We decided to head back down as the road got too rough for us to
go on without really shaking up things in the camper


Post office in town (9-24-06)


Town firehouse (9-24-06)


Town church (9-24-06)


They even had a few properties for sale in town... this one came
with another house and 6 city lots


This cabin had 8 acres but had trouble getting a clear title
to the property


We left town and Elaine made me take a paved road (9-24-06)

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