Cleaning up our lot Cleaning up our lot
Traveling with Jim and Elaine - Our 2006 Colorado Adventure

Trip from San Cristobal Lake over Slumgullion Pass


 The sun is just coming over the mountains as I head out
for my morning walk


 Looking up from the water's edge to our camper high up on
the bluff above


 The sun has almost reached our site on the bluff (9-25-06)


A wee bit chilly this morning as seen by the frost on the
hood of our truck


Heading back out to paved roads


 Last look at the lake before we head up the mountain


 Heading up the mountain towards Slumgullion Pass


 Looking at the 14,000 foot mountain peaks that are behind
Lake San Cristobal (9-25-06)


 More of those strange signs that we keep seeing


 Great view from an overlook high above the lake


 Onward and upward to the summit (9-25-06)


 Elaine checks out the view of these many mountain peaks (9-25-06)


Almost to the top of the pass (9-25-06)


It's all downhill from here (9-25-06)


Ground covered in snow at the summit (9-25-06)

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